Smile Designer
Smile Outsource Service
Let our professional Smile Designer create a beautiful, 
natural-looking Smile Simulation for you

How does it work?
1. Step: Take perfect pictures with the DSDApp and order a Smile Outsource Service directly in the DSDApp
Taking perfect pictures with the DSDApp
Take perfect pictures for a Smile Design directly in the DSDApp with the snap option! DSDApp snaps a picture of your patient as soon as the face is in an optimal position. Forget time consuming searching for the right pictures in your DropBox and forgetting your professional photo equipment - save up to 30 minutes by documenting the case directly in the DSDApp! 
Order a Smile Simulation by our Professional Smile Designer
With the seamless integrated in-app order you can assign your case to our professional Smile Designer with one-click on "Smile Outsource".

2. Step: Our Smile Designer will create a perfect, natural-looking Smile Simulation for your patient and send the case back to you through the DSDApp in the next 24 hours.
3. Step: You will receive a notification as soon as the Smile Designer finishes your case. You can instantly view the Smile Simulation (View Design), present the Smile Simulation to your patient and hear an excited "YES!".
4. Step: The patient accepts your treatment proposal. Great! What's next? You can seamlessly collaborate with your lab or the DSD Planning Center. Share the complete case documentation, the Smile Design, shapes and values are already included in your case documentation. You can add further files to the documentation, e.g. STLs, X-Ray, CBCT and send the case to the DSD Planning Center for Planning, Mock-Up and/or Final Restorations.
Are you new to DSD? Or too busy to create a Smile Simulation for  your patients? Or you started a Smile Simulation, but are unhappy with your result?

We can help! 
Book a professional Smile Designer! 
Start building  your interdisciplinary team! 

One Smile Outsource case costs $50.
You can purchase a package of five or ten 
Smile Outsource cases. 
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