DSDApp Team Training
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 How often do you experience wanting to implement a new workflow into your clinic, but after introducing it to your team, nothing happens... 
Every positive change in a daily working routine must be accompanied by education and training to create an acceptance by your staff, but the training of your staff can be a very time-consuming undertaking for you. 

We Help! We offer a personal 1-Day DSDApp Training for your complete team, right in your office! 
After this 1-Day Training, your Team will be ready to integrate the DSDApp fully into their daily routine, to serve your patients. 

Benefit fully from the DSDApp options and features, guaranteed!
One Day team training 
in your office

    Why You Should Book the 1-Day DSDApp Training for your Team:
    Your team will become PROs not only of the DSDApp, but much more... 

    Take Pictures like a Pro

    How to take perfect pictures with DSDApp on your iPhone or iPad. 
    How to complete Case Documentation. 
    How to add STLs, CBCTs, X-Rays to your case documentation.

    Create Smile Design like a Pro

    How to create a beautiful Smile Simulation in few  minutes.
    How to use the DSDApp Final Tools to achieve a harmonic, natural-looking Smile Simulation.

    Plan Treatments like a Pro

    How to start initial treatment planning. 
    How to proceed with a precise Smile Design using an STL.
    How to complete the DSDProtocol for precise values for manufacturing.
    How to share the case with your Doctor/Lab/Team.

    Communicate with your Lab like a Pro

    How to use DSDApp Case Management: Find and view your files and pictures, organized by DSDApp on your iPhone or iPad.
    How to add new files and access the files on your iPhone or iPad.
    How to share the case, make changes, and work together on a case with your lab/team. 

    Get to know DSD Planning Center

    How to get the precise end-results you designed through the DSD Planning Center. 
    How to use In-App ordering on your iPhone or iPad. 
    How to select your order items like Motivational Mock-up, Surgery Guides or Manufacturing.

    Transform your Patients to your Biggest Fans

    How to create an irresistible emotional presentation on your iPhone or iPad in few minutes AND transform your patients to your BIGGEST FANS.

    We Take your Team to The Top - GUARANTEED!
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    DSDApp Team Training