DSDApp How to Get Started
Welcome to DSDApp by Coachman

Welcome to DSDApp by Coachman
Generate easily a complete Case Documentation guided by the DSDApp
Create a beautiful natural-looking Smile Simulation in a few minutes
Share the case, files, smile design with your team, lab and collaborate efficiently 
STEP 1: Create your FREE DSDApp Account
STEP 2: Download DSDApp to your iPad/iPhone and log in
How you can benefit from DSDApp?
The following functionalities are available in the DSDApp for you absolutely FREE 
 on both iPad and iPhone versions:
Taking perfect pictures with the DSDApp
Take perfect pictures for a Smile Design directly in the DSDApp with the snap option! DSDApp snaps a picture of your patient as soon as the face is in an optimal position. Forget time consuming searching for the right pictures in your DropBox and forgetting your professional photo equipment - save up to 30 minutes by documenting the case directly in the DSDApp! 
Complete the Case Documentation
You can easily complete the case documentation with the guided procedure from the DSDApp. Just follow the instructions by taking pictures and videos. You can simply add the files, as STLs (upper, lower, bite), X-Rays and CBCTs.
Send Case Documentation to your team/lab, place an order or save your case!
You can send the complete case documentation to your team/lab via email (click here to watch the video). 
You can send the complete case documentation to your DropBox (click here to watch the video).
You can submit an in-app order to the DSD Planning Center for an Ideal Mock-up (a Test-Drive for the Smile Design), 3D planning, surgical guides and more... (click here to watch the video).
You can order a Smile Simulation by a DSD Smile Designer to receive a Smile Simulation created for your patient by our specialists.
You can save the documentation as a Case, (re-)open the Case in the DSDApp iPad version and start creating Smile Simulation, 2D Smile Analysis and more.
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DSDApp How to Get Started