DSDApp Day Las Vegas
DSDApp Day Las Vegas @ AACA Annual Convention Post Congress
Saturday, June 22th, 2019
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Post-Congress Workshop AACA Annual Convention
 Where: The Mirage
3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada
Package for AACA members:
$899 (main ticket) + $99 (team member ticket optional) 
- One DSDApp Yearly Gold Plan with unlimited cases (valued $799)  

Package for NON-AACA members:
$1099 (main ticket & AACA Membership) + $99 (team member ticket - optional) 
- One  DSDApp Yearly Gold plan with unlimited cases (valued $799)
One-Year AACA Membership (valued $295) 

Special Guests
Dr. Karla Soto
DSD KOL , AACA KOL and Invisalign Faculty
"Case presentation: DSDApp 3D design to delivery." Exclusive lecture o how to build your practice focused on unique Patient's Experiences.
Dr. Sheena Sood
DSD Clinic, Chapter President/Board Member AACA
“A simple way to Incorporate DSD into your Daily Practice Using the DSDApp"
Dr. Christian Coachman
Digital Smile Design founder & Smile Architect
Exclusive online lecture 
“DSD - The Vision"
Meet your Trainer:
Ralph Georg
DSDApp CEO and co-founder
Ralph Georg is a serial entrepreneur, CEO and the co-founder of the DSDApp. He is the creator of the technology of the DSDApp, integrating all visions and concepts of modern dentistry developed by Dr. Christian Coachman and the DSD team. 
Why You Should Attend:
Workshop Content:
With the recent evolution of digital dental technologies and changing patients expectation we acquire new techniques and tool for more efficient communication with the patients and the team members/lab. 

This one-day workshop you will learn and practice the DSD photo/video protocol, Principles of Smile Design and how to create a natural-looking Smile Simulation, techniques for efficient patients' communication and how to present a before/after simulation to the patients.
Learning Objectives:
During this intensive lectures and hands-on you will learn and practice how to:
  •  Complete a case documentation and manage files
  •  Principles of Smile Design and how to create a natural-looking smile design
  •  Collaborate efficiently with colleagues, team members, and your lab
  • communicate with the patients
Who should attend:
This training is designed for dentists, assistants and treatment coordinators. Everyone who want to learn the principle of Smile Design, how to visualize the expected treatment outcome and communicate with the patients and lab in more efficient way.
Taking Pictures and Completing a Case Documentation
The importance of creating a complete photo/video protocol and digitalizing the patient. Bringing all files (i.e photos, videos, chart, intra-oral scan, facial scan, CBCT, etc) to the same documentation to better access for treatment planning.

DSD Photo and video protocol guided by the DSDApp.
Complete the case adding further files (intra oral and facial STLs, CBCTs, T-Scan, X-Rays, etc) to the documentation in the DSDApp.
Smile Simulation
Fundamentals of a facial-driven Smile Design. One of the hardest steps of the dental treatment is to understand what the patient is looking for and also to explain the treatment options & expected outcome at the first appointment. You will learn basic principles of Digital Smile Design for a facially driven 2D Smile Simulations in the DSDApp to improve the communication with your patients. 

Create Smile Simulations using the DSDApp for a facially driven planning and improving patient communication.
Use Finalize Tools for a natural-looking Smile Design.
Visualize Expected Treatment Results and Improve Patient Communication 
Change completely the way you present treatment planning by creating before & after photos/videos. 

How to create before & after photos and videos to present in a simple presentation to the patient using the DSDApp.
Start Treatment Planning and Collaborate with your Team, Lab
The biggest challenge of interdisciplinary treatment planning is the communication with the team. Having the right file at the right time can make collaborations and a interdisciplinary treatment planning difficult to happen. Learn how to share the documentation safely and get the input needed for each case from your team using DSDApp.

Share the documentation safely and get the input needed for each case for your team using DSDApp.
Use DSDApp as a collaboration platform with your lab for a fully digital communication and predictabel final results.
DEMO 3D Smile Design and DSDApp ORTHO
Trusted by Thousands of Dentists, Just Like You!
Success Story Dr. John Heimke
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Smile Simulation Demo (in real time)
DSDApp training, DSDApp, DSDApp Day, digital Smile design, DSD, smile design
DSDApp training, DSDApp, DSDApp Day, digital Smile design, DSD, smile design
DSDApp training, DSDApp, DSDApp Day, digital Smile design, DSD, smile design
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DSDApp Day Las Vegas