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DSDApp 3D Workshop
DSDApp Smile Design & Digital Workflow Workshop in Madrid
Where: Madrid, Ortega y Gasset 
Street José Ortega y Gasset 22-24, 
Floor 5th (REGUS Business Center)
Madrid, 28006, Spain

When: April 8-9, 2019

Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST

Price: 1.350 Euro incl. 2-day Workshop, a yearly DSDApp Gold Membership (value $799), three 3D cases (value $450), coffee breaks and lunch. 

A Gold Plan user  or a Team member ticket is 699 Euro incl. 2-day workshop, coffee breaks and lunch (Gold plan is not incl., 3D cases are not included).

This Workshop is in English. This Hands-On Workshop will be conducted in a small group. Reserve your seat now!

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Smile Design & Digital Workflow Workshop
Course Content:
With the recent evolution of digital dental technologies we acquire new different equipments and the biggest challenge is to find a system that helps us: 
  •  create and organize patient documentation 
  •  generate smile simulations and 3D smile designs for Interdisciplinary treatment planning
  •  collaborate efficiently with colleagues, team members, lab
  •  increase predictability of treatment outcome and final-restorations 
  •  improve communication with the patients
Learning Objectives
of this 2-day course is to teach you all steps of a digital workflow integration based on Digital Smile Design principles from taking pictures, creating a complete patient documentation by adding intra-oral and facial scans, performing Simple Smile Simulation and  3D Smile Design for a digital wax-up using DSDApp, exporting the 3D file (STL) for A 3D model print and performing a smile test-drive for a emotional dentistry approach.

Who should attend:
This course is designed for dentists, staff members, technicians, independent from your pre-knowledge of DSD and DSDApp. You will learn the fundamentals in the lectures and practice applying these rules using the DSDApp in the hands-on sessions.
Patient Digitalization and Case Documentation
The importance of digitalizing the patients and bringing all files  (photos, videos, intra-oral scan, facial scan, CBCT, etc) into the same documentation to better access for treatment planning and multidisciplinary collaboration.

DSD Photo and video protocol guided by the DSDApp.
Complete the case documentation adding further files (intra oral and facial scan, CBCTs, T-Scan, XRays, etc) to the documentation in DSDApp.
Simple Smile Simulation
One of the hardest steps of the dental treatment is to understand what the patient is looking for and also to explain what we see for the case at the first appointment. A miscommunication at this first stage can set you up for not successful engagement with the patient and treatment. You will learn basic principles of Digital Smile Design. Fundamentals of a facially driven 2D smile simulations and how to improve the communication with the patient. 

Create 2D smile simulations using DSDApp for a facially driven planning and improving patient communication.
Improve Lab Communication
The biggest challenge of Interdisciplinary treatment planning is the communication with the team. Using the efficient collaboration platform, sharing all details on a case, having the right file at the right time define successful collaboration and a interdisciplinary treatment planning. 

Share the documentation safely and get the input needed for each case from your team using DSDApp.
Use DSDApp as a collaboration platform with your lab for a fully digital communication.

3D Smile Design
Fundamentals of 3D smile projects as a chair-side 3D smile designs solution. Understand the difference and how to create different projects (Ideal pre, Motivational and ideal post) to be used in various stages of the treatment. 

Learn step by step 3D Smile Design using DSDApp
Calibrate digital files
Create 3D Smile Design for Motivational mock-up
Finalize 3D Project with the Sculpting Tool
3D Printing
Basics of 3D printing and materials

Export the 3D project (STL) from DSDApp to print the 3D model. 
Practice how to share the 3D project to your printer or lab (STL, DAE).

Mock-Up and Emotional Dentistry
Principles of Emotional Dentistry.
How to prepare and perform a Motivational Mock-Up (traditional Mock-Up and DSD Shells) 
Tips & Tricks for a successful outcome and outstanding esthetic results

How to perform motivational mock up and take videos and photos of the patient for a emotional case presentation.
Improve Patient Communication
Change completely the way you present treatment planning by creating before & after photos/videos in a simple presentation.

How to create before & after photos and videos to present in a simple presentation to the patient with the DSDApp.
How to use different effects and add music for artistic outcome and unforgettable impression.

Ready? Let's Get Started!
Dr. Marcela Cardona
DSDApp Academy Instructor
Dr. Marcela Cardona has dedicated her career in advancing her understanding of innovative and interdisciplinary treatment approaches. Dr. Cardona completed her Doctor in Dental Surgery degree from New York University in 2015, she then continued to complete a postgraduate advance education in Prosthodontics from Nova Southeastern University in 2018. With complete understanding of the analogue world, Dr. Cardona continued her studies to understand the complexities digital dental workflows. Since 2018 Dr. Marcela Cardona joined the DSD team as an Educator and Instructor with the DSDApp Academy.
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3D smile design workshop Madrid