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From a picture and STL to a 3D Smile Design, a digital wax-up, an STL-export and a model printing in less than 1 hour! Completed on your iPad!
3D Smile Design and Digital Wax-Up has never been as simple, fast and cost-efficient.
3D Smile Design - simple and fast
 Create a 3D Smile Design with the DSDApp, simple and fast! The same navigation and experience as a Simple Smile Simulation!
Export an STL and print the Model directly from the DSDApp
 Print the Model for Motivational Mock-Up directly from the DSDApp and enhance your patient. From taking a picture/ scan to the 3D Design, an STL-export and printed Mock-Up model (Smile Test Drive) in less than one hour! 
Re-Invent your 1st and 2nd Appointment Approach
 Experience the incredible emotional impact of the Smile Test Drive (Mock-Up) with your patients! Try on different Smile Designs. Involve and enchant your patient.
Mock-up as a Blueprint for Final-Restorations
Reduce your production adjustments costs dramatically with this simple procedure: Scan the prep, adjust the 3D Smile Design and print the (technical) mock-up model. Evaluate the final fit with the patient and get her/his approval for the Final-Restorations. To make adjustments at this step is simple and cost-efficient, by printing and trying-on the Smile Designs. Eliminate the room for errors, and you will NEVER have to re-do the Final-Restorations again!
3D Smile Design and Digital Wax-Up has never been as simple, fast and cost-efficient.
DSDApp 3D Packages:
  •  ONE DSDApp 3D case (value 150 USD)
  •  FIVE DSDApp 3D cases (value 750 USD).  Your Price today 675 USD (save 7%)
  •  TEN DSDApp 3D cases (value 1'500 USD). Your Price today 1'350 USD (save 10%)
A DSDApp 3D Case give you the option to design 3D, export the STLs of your designs for 3D print or to import them in any CAD/CAM software for manufacturing. With one 3D case you are able to create several designs for you patient and do several exports for this patient. 
Watch now our FREE online webinar to learn how you can benefit from integrating Digital Workflows into your daily work and how to create 3D smile design with the DSDApp step-by-step.
Learn and practice in DSDApp 3D workshop with our trainer all steps of a digital workflow and 3D smile design !
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